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The Midwest: Leaders in Manufacturing Automation

The integration of robots and automation in the manufacturing industry has seen a big increase over the last decade, and for good reason.
According to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the top five states using robots in automation are all from the Midwest region: Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Researchers for this study took census data and survey results from around 35,000 manufacturers to get a better view on the regional use of robotics and automation.
TW automation provides robots in the midwest. Kansas, Missouri, Iowa Axios wrote an article covering the study that highlights a few of the biggest takeaways of the study:

  • Three-quarters of America’s robots are clustered in just 10% of U.S. regions (as defined by the Office of Management and Budget), while the bottom 50% have almost no robots.
  • One main finding: “Robots are mostly complements to production workers, not substitutes for them.” – Read our blog on how Cobots can improve workflow.
  • Companies with robots tend to have more human workers than those without, but they often pay their workers less.
  • There is a cluster effect: Companies are more likely to use robots if others nearby use them and if they’re located in manufacturing hubs.

The TW Automation team is proud to be based here in Kansas, one of five states pioneering the manufacturing automation industry! Not only are we rooted right in the heart of the country, but it’s also becoming America’s Robot Capital!

Automation Continues To Grow

The use of cobots and other automation tools in the manufacturing industry has been increasing year after year, and will continue to do so. TW Automation is proud to be a part of the booming growth here in the Midwest and hopes to continue on this path of the Midwest being leaders of the industry.
One of the key advantages of robotics in the Midwest’s manufacturing sector is its ability to automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. This has not only reduced production costs but also improved the quality and consistency of manufactured goods. In the automotive industry, for instance, robots are widely used for tasks like welding, painting, and assembling intricate components, resulting in higher precision and reduced defects.
Collaborative robots, or cobots in particular, are gaining popularity in the Midwest’s manufacturing landscape. These robots work alongside human operators, enhancing productivity and safety. Cobots are especially valuable in industries like food processing and electronics manufacturing, where delicate and intricate tasks require human-robot collaboration to achieve optimal results.
As technology continues to advance, the Midwest’s manufacturing sector is well-positioned to lead the way in the adoption and integration of robotics into diverse industries, further solidifying its status as a manufacturing powerhouse.

TW Automation Serves The Midwest

While TW Automation is based in Kansas, we are happy to offer services and products throughout the Midwest, including states like Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and more.
As our industries in the region continue to adopt the use of robotics at a higher rate than elsewhere in the country, we are ready and here to assist in helping all types of businesses increase productivity and create more efficient workflows with the use of automation.

If you’re interested in integrating cobots or other automation into your workplace, contact TW Automation today for more information on our services and how we can provide automated solutions for your industry .