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The Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

With the U.S manufacturing industry getting back on its feet, various companies are looking to upgrade their automation infrastructure . Robotic machine tending gives businesses the opportunity to use robots to supervise other machines and feed parts when needed. Here’s how robotic machine tending can revolutionize your business: cnc machine tending robot

Robotic Machine Tending Increases Manufacturing Efficiency

Machine tending is a tedious job, and human error can be costly. Examples include a drop in concentration or the time it takes to replace parts, which can slow down the entire operation. By automating the process, you can achieve greater efficiency in production. Advanced machine tending robots save you crucial time in each step, which makes a big difference each month.

Robotic Integration Programming Allows for Flexible Solutions

Robotic machine tending can be integrated to perform more tasks than just loading and unloading CNC parts. The robots have a compact footprint and can be placed over two machines and even inside large machines. They can work on multiple machines at once which will optimize the production further. Collaborative robots can go one step ahead further than tending and can assist in development.

Robotic Machine Testing is Cost-Effective

One of the major reasons why businesses are quickly moving towards robotic machine tending is their cost-effectiveness. Manufacturers can save labor costs, human facility maintenance, and other specifically designed device installation costs by using the robots for tending. Thanks to faster operations and the ability to handle a multitude of tasks, the robots offer better ROI than most other alternatives in the long term.

Make Your Manufacturing a 24/7 Operation

By adding robotic machine tending solutions, you’ll be able to keep the production going 24/7. The robots can work at a stretch for weeks, decreasing disruptions and increasing productivity. This is particularly useful for processes that can continue in a lights-out environment. With the development of tending technology, lights-on sessions will be further minimized for production. machine tending for piece-part manufacturing

Automated Robotic Solutions Create a Safer Workspace

Workspace safety has been under scrutiny ever since heavy machinery was introduced in factories. By using automation, you can make the workspace safer for employees. This includes avoiding claustrophobic surroundings, unpredictable machines, hazardous processes like welding and moving heavy products . Machine tending robot can work consistently in situations that are not safe for human labor. A safe workspace for humans also means that you can save a huge amount of money on liabilities.

Automation Helps Businesses to Scale

Automation helps you effectively allocate human resources to other areas. Robots consistently produce error-free results, enabling you to scale and offer more services with time. Depending on the resources, robots can assume a bigger role in handling materials, testing, finishing, and packaging .
However, not every business or industry can function with the same robotic machine tending technology. Your business needs customized solutions to integrate and automate manufacturing . We have been in the business of robotic automation for over 25 years and our goal is to boost the productivity and performance of your business. Contact us at TW Automation to know how we can help your business.