Robotic Painting


High Quality Paint Finishes

Paint Systems Perform More Work In Less Space

By adding robotic vision technologies, industrial painting robots are able to analyze and inspect an object, determine the location of edges, recognize patterns, evaluate size, and a variety of other tasks. Robot vision is a combination of software, sensors, algorithms, and cameras that connect with the robot system and the application to guide it through a specified process. With this rapidly growing technology, robots can now recognize components, determine what parts to pick up or put down, and what areas to paint on an object.

We can also program painting robots for pinpoint accuracy and unique specifications—no more drips or over-spray issues. TW Automation robotic technologies are providing new options for businesses, small and large, to compete in the global marketplace.

Industrial Paint Robotics

One area where robotics technology has excelled is in the area of industrial painting. Through specialized operator programming, an industrial painting robot is able to flawlessly and consistently produce a high-quality paint finish. The technology is used not only in large scale operations such as car manufacturing plants, but also in smaller settings that require a higher level of intricate and flexible responses, such as multi-component production.

Increased Product Output

Automated Painting Systems move more quickly and efficiently, while eliminating human error.

Safer Workplace Operations

Less hazardous waste is created due to the improved consistency, and human exposure to hazardous materials is reduced.

Less Space Needed

Robots are able to work in close proximity to one another without incident, performing joint or specialized tasks, which decreases needed space.

Accurate & Consistent Production

Industrial painting robots are able to analyze and inspect an object through sensors, eliminating human error.

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Made in America

US manufacturing continues to gain strength, but there is no rising tide to lift every boat. Defending what you’ve got while seizing new opportunities requires escalating levels of manufacturing efficiency and flexibility. That’s where we come in. TW Automation builds robotic solutions for managing and growing your business. We’ve been delivering turn-key robotic solutions, along with a full range of technical and support services, since 1996.

How Can Automation Benefit Your Business?

Many years ago, robots ceased being an element of science fiction and futuristic trends. In fact, robots have been in use for more than 50 years in industrial and production settings. Robots were once large and expensive, and performed tasks too big or heavy for human workers. Today, smaller, specialized robots work side-by-side with humans in the same workspace, and cost a fraction of what they once did.

The business atmosphere of today demands high-quality product output, increased profitability, and the ability to adjust technology to meet not only the needs of the company, but also market demand. For 24 years, TW Automation has provided the latest technological and innovative solutions for our customers’ operations. For information on a customized solution for your manufacturing and production needs, contact us: 913-303-9700


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