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Optimize Your Warehouse Footprint with Automation

To keep up with the growth of e-Commerce , the retail and logistics industry have been going through big changes the past 10 years. Many companies are now looking toward automated warehouse solutions to keep up with demand.

Incorporating Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to help production and ease the load on your workers is a business decision that pays off in multiple ways by helping companies become more efficient and maximizing their resources and operating space. autmation robots cobots kansas city Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are designed to help you:

  • Save valuable floor space with vertical integration
  • Manage inventory
  • Trace product movement
  • Automatically operate processes

This technology is providing forward-thinking businesses and warehouse managers everywhere with the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Implementing AS/RS into warehouses increases order volumes, optimizes space utilization, and ensures reliable and consistent processes.
Additionally, these systems are often modular in design and can be tailored to the specific needs of the company.

Types of AS/RS Technology

Understanding the types of AS/RS technology and other automated solutions available can go a long way in helping you make the right decision for your company.
One option is Unit-Load, which really helps with heavy-duty orders. This system is made to handle pallets or cases that can weigh up to thousands of pounds, often operated via cranes.
The Mini-Load option is meant for lighter loads and precision. These robots move via onboard computers that sequence products for rapid retrieval. Mini-Load is a good option to help refill product containers if the need were to come up.
Both of these options let warehouse managers respond quickly to clients and customers, allow for easier inventory management, and can help maximize space.

High-End Automation Solutions

With the development of more user-friendly robotics, being able to integrate automation technologies into your business has never been easier. Making the switch is now much more accessible, especially for small or medium-sized businesses.
One example where automation has really changed workflows for many companies is for picking and packing in large warehouse settings. This task is difficult, inefficient, and not typically safe for employees.
By using Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, companies can avoid these challenges and allow managers to reallocate their labor hours.

Increase Efficiency

By utilizing Automated Storage and Retrieval systems, there is opportunity for companies to maximize efficiency by embracing a modular design system. This will allow to expand both in height and width, and can create optimal function in your facility.
This system provides a foundation for future warehouse automation that is scalable, easy to implement, and flexible to adapt to any space.
With that said, it’s important to remember that even just one robot can monitor a wide section of your warehouse. So the more space you dedicate to storage, the more cost-effective the project will be. Then when you add in vertical space integration, you can really maximize your facility’s horizontal floor space.

User Friendly Interface

Most automation systems now have an easy user interface and starter manuals to follow to get workers properly trained on how to interact with robots and to properly set up their operations.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems provide flexibility, accuracy, and speed, allowing retail stores worldwide to remain competitive and able to provide a seamless online shopping experience for their customers.

Interested In Automation?

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