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Commiting to Automation

The world of manufacturing is vastly different in 2023 than it was in the last two decades. To compete with the speeds of the time and operate at peak productivity, many companies and production facilities have realized they need to integrate automated solutions to stay in the game. Do I need to integrate automation in my warehouse

Do I Need To Use Automation?

This depends. Each business faces unique challenges and by determining what areas of production you need help with, it can help make your decision. The following notes highlight some of the challenges that small and mid-sized companies with low-volume, high-mix production face with increasing competition and a struggling labor market:

  • Identify new ways to cut costs
  • Continuous product quality improvements
  • Minimize waste in terms of time, materials, or both
  • Achieve the flexibility to adapt to changing production demands
  • Struggling to fill positions for repetitive manual jobs
  • Temporary workers aren’t reliable or take too much time to learn processes
  • Repetitive or dangerous processes are impacting workers’ health and safety
  • Expand the business without overextending

Automation will ultimately improve your processes and allow your business to run more efficiently with less effort, helping you solve these challenges. If you identify with one or more of the listed challenges, it is definitely time to integrate automation.

What Industries & Processes Use Automation?

You can basically automate any process no matter the industry. At TW Automation, we have helped integrate automation into the following industries:

Standard robots and cobots can be used for a variety of tasks in your facility. This can include picking & packaging , palletizing & depalletizing , machine tending , injection molding , robotic welding systems , and much more!

Are You Ready For Automation?

If you are a manufacturing company who has been considering integrating automation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at TW Automation. We can answer any questions you have or get the ball rolling on the process of robot and cobot installation .
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