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Benefits of Adding a Fully Automatic Robotic Palletizing System to Your Facility

The industrial automation market is constantly growing and is expected to reach $306.2 billion by 2027 . Industrial automation uses control systems and equipment, such as computer software and robots. Every step of the order fulfillment process can either be automated or otherwise augmented and streamlined by technology.
Robotic palletizers are an example of an automated process that could help your business in different ways. Automated palletizing is usually achieved by using machinery to sort, line up, and turn products as they make their way down a conveyor belt. They are then deposited on a pallet layer by layer and wrapped in plastic by turning the entire pallet. Here are the benefits of adding a fully automatic robotic palletizing system to your facility.

Modular Design

When compared to traditional forms of automated palletizing, a robotic palletizer is much more modular. Robotic arms are largely self-contained and they fit in smaller areas. Essentially, this means that multiple robotic arms can work simultaneously on the same product line or on different product lines. They can also comfortably switch between programming for different products and pallet plans, allowing flexibility as demanded. This makes it possible for warehouses, layouts, and workflows to evolve in step with changes in the supply chain, business model, and even day-to-day operations.


Robotic palletizers usually offer flexibility in layer patterns including the ability to overlap bags, tie loads together, and fit larger bags within the bounds of a pallet. Robotic palletizers are capable of sorting, rotating, and lining up products to stack them in a very specific fashion. If a pallet needs to be stacked in a manner that all products are required to have the same side facing out, this can easily be done. For instance, in an agricultural engineering setup, this is ideal for food products. Different products can as well be stacked into the same pallet if needed. Therefore, various options are available when considering a robotic palletizer.

Affordability and Expansion

Semi-automated robotic arms can offer an affordable way for companies to start with automation as well as increase operational efficiency. These semi-automatic palletizing systems stack pallets automatically while relying on forklift operators to remove full pallets. Here, the company has the ability to upgrade in the future with automated dispensers, slip sheet dispensers, and pallet conveyors to build out a fully automated system.

Improved Working Environment

Automated palletizing usually improves the working environment by bettering the safety within your production process. This process eliminates the manual handling element of palletizing and therefore removes repetitive strain injuries (RSI) that can potentially take place in the workplace. This in turn significantly reduces the risk of RSI claims occurring and makes a safer working environment for your employees.

Improved Product Handling

Normally, automated palletizing results in less damaged products leaving a manufacturing plant. This serves two purposes, first, the company is able to produce more products without worrying about losses that could be incurred from many products being damaged. Secondly, this improves customer satisfaction with quality products that are delivered to them. Your company is less likely going to receive claims about damaged goods and returns.

Increased Productivity

Robotic palletizers, like the EC201 Fuji Robotic Palletizer , do away with manual labor for moving and stacking products. They lift heavier loads and perform the work faster. They don’t experience exhaustion like humans. With proper and effective maintenance, they can even operate on a 24/7 basis. This highly increases your company’s productivity and reduces any potential bottlenecks in the packaging line.
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