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7 Benefits of Cobot Automation

Collaborative robots – or cobots, provide multiple advantages to companies and their employees. The use of cobots is on the rise, and people in the workforce will benefit from the implementation of cobots on the job. benefits of using cobots

Enjoy The Benefits Of Using Cobots

Increased Flexibility

Because cobots can be easily taught new tasks, users have the flexibility to move them as needs change.

Fit Into Small Areas

Sleek and ergonomic designs include a lightweight and compact arm that fits in virtually any floor space configuration.

Easy To Install

Even with no previous experience using a robot or cobot, users can quickly learn how to set up a cobot and get it ready for operation.

Easy To Program

Most cobots are very user-friendly and can be programmed to handle specific tasks without previous knowledge using the user manuals provided.

Safety Features

Cobots are safe and easy to interact with when needed. Typically by touching a cobot you can shut down its movement.

Flexible Automation

Cobots can be programmed to work on multiple applications and switch their function day-to-day if needed. This allows you to increase work pace when needed without having to change your production layout.

Make Work Easier

Cobots aren’t meant to replace workers–they are meant to work in harmony with your staff. Collaboration is key with cobots, and they help employees complete work faster, focus on multiple tasks, and offer them stress relief.

Upgrade Production With TW Automation

TW Automation is one of the leading companies driving the growth of industrial robots and cobots, and we are located right in the heart of America’s robot capital .
If your company is interested in adding cobots to your production line to help improve efficiency, don’t hesitate to reach out. TW Automation will guide you from the initial design concept, to the installation, and testing on your facility floor. This allows our well trained engineers to complete projects to the customer’s satisfaction.
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